Birthday Ideas

Birthdays are to celebrate another year on the planet and a great excuse to spoil someone you love, or splurge on yourself! When it comes time to do so, there is certainly no shortage of birthday ideas.

Birthday Ideas need to be special and should definetly not be thought of as a hassle or another choir to get through. Here at we strive to make it easier on you to come up with some AMAZING birthday ideas as well as allow you to enjoy that special day. We have compiled birthday ideas from the web, our friends, and yes even professionals. - We have looked up and down and all around to bring you the largest set of birthday ideas in one place!

Show tickets are a great birthday idea because it is something that many people enjoy but do not get around to planning. It is also an easy way to surprise someone by driving them to the venue and seeing their excitement when they realize what they are about to see.

Since many people are so busy and do not take any time to recoup and refresh themselves, a get-away is a super birthday idea. A long weekend at a lake property, a one night stay at a theme park, a spa weekend, or hiding away in a cabin for a few days are all popular birthday ideas.

If getting away for a few days is not an option, how about a spa treatment or two at a nearby salon?

Since we know that Mom doesn’t often splurge on herself, pampering gifts and “Queen for a Day” treatment are good birthday ideas for her. Pick up her favorite bath and body products or fragrance, color refills for her photo printer, and tell her she is not allowed to lift a finger for the day while you take care of her for a change. Same goes for Dad. He will appreciate small gifts that support his hobbies but do not underestimate the value of a back massage and plate of his favorite cookies.

One of the most popular birthday ideas is putting together baskets that include incorporate all the things above as well as the always popular gift cards. Cards from coffee shops, music downloads, malls, and even gas cards delight birthday boys and girls of all ages.

There are so many birthday party ideas to target all ages and kinds of people. The only limit is imagination.